January 31, 2010


There will be a hearing on February 19, 2010 (2/19/2010) at the Sacramento Superior Court located at 3341 Power Inn Road, Sacramento, CA 95826, Department 128 beginning at 8:00 AM in which JANELLE BURRILL will be called as an “expert” witness (she was the reunification therapist that abused and traumatized my daughter!). Since she is a witness, we will have the opportunity to cross-examine her and SHRED her credibility!

WE NEED YOUR INPUT!!! If you would be willing to be a witness and testify to the abuse, fraud, and negligence you experienced with your OWN case with regard to Janelle Burrill, we would like to hear from you ASAP!!!

Together, if we can successfully debase Janelle Burrill’s credibility, it could set a legal precedence that would help debase her credibility with ALL cases. Lets FILL THE COURT WITH WITNESSES and work together to rid Sacramento of this menace!!!

Please contact me by email at yippyyea1@yahoo.com. Thank you!

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Expose Corrupt fraud Burrill said...

Corrupt Fraud Janelle Burrill Exposed on CNN ireports




California Board of Behavioral Sciences (BBS)
Top 5 Cases against Janelle Burrill LCS 16216 Sacramento
Collectively Open for 1735 days or 4.735 yrs
1.09-00739-BS filed Jan 30 2009 485 days, 1.329yr
2.09-00958-BS filed Feb 19 2009 465 days, 1.274yr
3.09-00973-BS filed May 28 2009 367 days, 1.005yr
4.09-01426-BS filed Nov 02 2009 209 days, 0.572yr
5.09-01427-BS filed Nov 02 2009 209 days, 0.572yr

California Board of Psychology (BOP)
Top 3 Cases against Janelle Burrill (unlicensed) Sacramento
Collectively Open for 107 days or “3 months 16 days”
1.1F-2010-205943 – Apr 06 2010 54 days
2.1F-2010-206255 – Apr 19 2010 41 days
3.1F-2010-205955 – May18 2010 12 days

Janelle Burrill is a DCA Board of Behavioral Sciences licensed clinical social worker LCSW 16216 based in Sacramento with extensive ties to the Sacramento family courts. Dozens of her victims have been coming forward since 2002 with allegations of abuse, fraud and corruption by this social worker and she continues to practice with impunity harming California families with Junk Science called Parental Alienation Syndrome.

The evidence of fraud, corruption, perjury, child abuse by her is very compelling and clear yet inaction by enforcement divisions of licensing/credentialing agencies are victimizing more California families.

Her nexus with local attorneys, commissioners and judges in the Sacramento, Placer and El-Dorado courts have enabled her to sustain and grow her revenue while inflicting vindictive retribution, libel and gag orders on her victims for the last ten years. In 2009, over a dozen complaints were made with BBS seeking protection from Janelle Burrill’s fraud and vindictive retribution.

Her board certification as a BCD was revoked by ABE recently on March 18th however, her BBS licence LCS 16216 and network with the courts continue to fill her pipeline with more victims. Dept of consumer affairs – Board of Behavioral sciences has over dozen cases open (listed above) anywhere from 150-500 days. Is this standard practice and acceptable?