January 17, 2010

Are FRA's whiners? Lets examine this in detail (or not)

pjk Says:

January 16th, 2010 at 11:51 am
Woman protesting treatment of women = Nobel Prize candidate
Man protesting treatment of men = Pathetic whiner

Okay now, pjk assumes (and we know what happens when one ASS U MEs anything) that a male protesting equates to him being a whiner. Let's examine the male protesters throughout history. We can start with Martin Luther King. He protested (peacefully I might add which we will cover later) the unequal treatment of minorities. He asked for fair and equal TREATMENT of all. We can then examine the case of Rosa Parks (oops she was a woman so not a good example - no actually she is a GREAT example). Rosa Parks made one simple yet extremely poignant statement when she changed seats on the bus. Did she do it for women? Did she do it for black women? NO! She did it for all people! We can then look at Nelson Mandela. He worked for the good of ALL people as well, ending apartheid in South Africa. He was jailed for 27 years for his role in those protests. And one other protester to examine is Tom Hayden. Name not quite familiar to you? He was involved in the civil rights and war movements of the 1960's, animal rights movements today as well as actively involved in politics as well as maintaining a speaking career.

Now let's look at this and see what all of these protestors have in common. Welllllllll, there are men and women in this group. Mixture of races as well, so that is not what they have in common. Ages? Nope they are all different ages as well. Some of these activists were killed - some were not, some served jail time - some did not. So what do these activists have in common?


These activists/protestors were all protesting against unequal treatment of males AND females. Not just men!!! So could that be why FRA's are looked at as whiners when all the FACTS show that post-divorce men tend to do better than women? Post-divorce men tend to do better than the children?

Nah that wouldn't have anything at all to do with the price of tea in China because these mehnz are simply angry that they have to give that bitch any money. And if they are serious abusers, the simple fact alone that the woman is attempting to stand up for herself is against the grain anyways.

Well Petunia's message to these FRA WHINERS (and yes they are VERY MUCH whiners), get a clue, get a life, and love your child and RESPECT the mother of your children. Stop trying to dehumanize her. Quit being crybabies. Oh yeah and grow up. Some of our chidlren are more mature than you.


Rj said...

Very good and of course great examples from history--and, coincidentally what I learned just yesterday from FRs, is that when women speak out about men's violence against women, that equals misandry. Who would have thought?

Claudine Dombrowski said...

a misogynist don't think
great write up petunia

Glenn's Cult? said...

Thank you C and RJ :-) And I quite agree with both of your opinions. Wymyn (in the minds of FRA's) should never have been given the right to vote, the right to speak. If they had their wish they would be able to create some sort of video to the future in order to determine whether or not a female child will be at all outspoken on any cause except those related to men. If she is indeed so outspoken against anything that would be deemed male only privilege, then steps should be taken to correct that before it even occurs. The least drastic measure of course would be the training camps.

These training camps are already in place today thanks to Warshak and many others espousing PA/PAS.

The next step of course would be to remove all ability to even speak. This would entail surgery as an infant to remove the vocal cords of said female child.

The next measure and the last to be taken if it is discovered that re-education and removal of vocal ability are not successful would simply be termination of said infant female.

This is already being carried out in countries where only one child is allowed per couple. Male children are generally more desired in those countries due to the increased earning capacity etc, but my question would be this:

What will these families/societies/countries do when there are no female children to continue the species on?

Simple!!! The human race will cease to exist. And it will be due to the men making laws, the men carrying out extreme punishments of females thorugh infanticide (for children born of the wrong gender) and quite probably in the near future, the infanticide of all female children who will not conform to the standards of MEN.

Anonymous said...


Glenn's Cult? said...

LK please go away. You have masde your point of view very clear here. I allowed you times to publish your comments yet when I determined you would not even listen to our side (and what issues we try to raise with both men and more often women being abused by control freak batterers) about PA/PAS and how it hurts kids by being used against a protective parent and how things are not being dealt with properly in court, you ignore us. How can you look at photos of a women who has been severely beaten and even agree that the man who did that should be able to parent a child?

How can you look at videos of a child saying daddy stuck stuff inside her and not feel outrage at the fact that the child now lives with said abuser and is denied contact with the motehr who only wants to protect this child? How can you read about the hundreds of mothers and children and dozens of fathers who are being victimized in courts daily and say it is PA/PAS? When it really is just simply bad behavior?

I have personal experience dealing with this with another child. The people who took that child wanted to make sure all bonds were severed, so nasty things were said. But they were not believed even after many many years. If a parent is NOT abusive, it does not matter what anyone says - the chidl will eventually make their own decision.