January 20, 2010

Newsflash? Hmmmm Gunner Retired aka oldepharte aka Anon Ymous

So you have had a newsflash? Why don't I share that with our readers?

...She has made it plain she no longer desires to speak with or have any dealings with her mother and her brother.

...I am concerned that she have extended this to her maternal grandparents after discovering that I once sought her maternal grandfathers intervention to restrain my daughters mother and her ,malicious campaign... to which he responded "I got no dog in that hunt".

...Although I do look forward to, when he asks me "why is she not coming to see us this summer?", replying with "what, now you got a dog in the hunt???".

...Pardon me for indulging in vindictive fantasies!

Ummm gee wiz Gunner Retired aka oldepharte aka Anon Ymous........ sounds to me an awful like you are engaging in that PA/PAs you try to push so hard and fast. I guess it is okay when the shoe is on the other foot huh?

And readers - one last delicious tidbit:

Ask Me who is My hero... I'll tell you Erich Hartmann. (click name to visit wikipedia article)


yippyyea said...


There will be a hearing on February 19, 2010 (2/19/2010) at the Sacramento Superior Court located at 3341 Power Inn Road, Sacramento, CA 95826, Department 128 beginning at 8:00 AM in which JANELLE BURRILL will be called as an “expert” witness (she was the reunification therapist that abused and traumatized my daughter!). Since she is a witness, we will have the opportunity to cross-examine her and SHRED her credibility!

WE NEED YOUR INPUT!!! If you would be willing to be a witness and testify to the abuse, fraud, and negligence you experienced with your OWN case with regard to Janelle Burrill, we would like to hear from you ASAP!!!

Together, if we can successfully debase Janelle Burrill’s credibility, it could set a legal precedence that would help debase her credibility with ALL cases. Lets FILL THE COURT WITH WITNESSES and work together to rid Sacramento of this menace!!!

Please contact me by email at yippyyea1@yahoo.com. Thank you!

Shuka said...