September 27, 2009

the TRUTH about the creator of the FAKE anonymummies site

Some of you may have seen (if you follow my site and are aware of my sisters in arms), that there is an impostor in our midst. No I am not speaking of any of the wonderful men and women who spread the TRUTH about family court and the treatment abused women and children receive at the hands of those in power (and those not in power). No, gentle readers, I am speaking of a certain FATHER'S RIGHTS blogger who has decided imitation is NOT the best form of flattery. He has in fact taken an awesome organization who helps protective moms and the abused children and sullied their name. That "OTHER" blog site (not Blogger) has decided to ignore this blatant copyright infringement and allow this FATHER'S RIGHTS blogger to continue to spread his hate and misogyny. Not only does he do this on his own "Parental Father's Rights blog, but now he is attacking decent hard working WOMEN with his hate.

Well Petunia made a promise and I follow through on my promises. I did my research and BAM, WHOP, POP, SOCKEM (just like batman) I hit the JACKPOT!!!!

Petunia!!!!!!! Have you gone off your rocker? No, I say, the light is just so much clearer now that I have the actual court docket on front of my eyes.

First let me same damn!!!!! MKG you are like a dog with a damn good bone. You REALLY do NOT want to let go of this do you? Is 10 years not long enough to be terrorizing your ex-wife in court?

Now that I have your interest piqued, lets move on with the good stuff. How about Restraining orders? Oh yeah this case is full of them. Now who asked for what is unclear, but we know how it actually works right? One must wonder how many belong to ex-wife, and how many are MKG and his ANGER at work? Lets see total RO mentions to date number: more than 10 in 10 years. His ex-wife has had to ask that the TRO be reinstated at least 3 times.

Now contempt charges? No mention of the petitioning party regarding these contempt charges but there are at least 3 separate charges.

Child support? Oh that is mentioned - EVERY OTHER LINE!!!!!

So we see where MKG's heart lies.....

The children apparently have their own attorney, and it appears from knowledge gleaned from elsewhere (other woman-hate websites and from MKG's own website) that these children do NOT want to have any contact with MKG, whatsoever. MKG will you come forward about that or will you keep hiding behind your fake and pathetic woman-hate sites?

Now with these little tidbits of info, Petunia has this advice for you MKG. I really think you would do yourself and the world a favor if you stopped spreading your hate and lies. I will continue to spread the truth and protection for the TRUE victims out there if your hate continues.

Got it?

Oh and one must wonder why this case is one in which a noted DV attorney is now (or was at one time) involved in? Hmmm does MKG have something to hide? I truly hope his ex has a great support system. Sister, you are in this for life, you got a bone hog for an ex-husband. My condolences go out to you.


Cold North Wind said...

I have yet to learn of a real FR who writes/talks hate- who DIDN'T hjave a criminal- background - -

another one huh ? surprise surprise- NOT

Glenn's Cult? said...

Only problem near as I can determine with this one, is that was no criminal background. Of course I haven't finished digging yet. And if there is none, this is one of the biggest problems with family court. They keep dv issues in family court when they should be in criminal court and they should be dealt with harshly from the start.

No mamby pamby stuff.