August 21, 2010

Judge David B Debenham is now CRIMINALIZING Motherhood

Judge David B Debenham, are you now going to criminalize motherhood? How would your mother feel about that? You allow a psycho doctor to testify to things that allegedly happened several years ago (what the hell else does HISTORICALLY mean?) and also give heresay testimony, but disallow the mother Claudine to cross examine these alleged witnesses? You also illegally STEAL her property? You create a gag order on her (but not on us and you will never gag us) and you will not allow her access to any documents in HER file, no transcripts are allowed?

Claudine testified that she did not place those documents online. Until you have solid proof that she did otherwise and she is allowed a TRIAL with a jury of her peers (oh yeah that is one jury I will sit on since I am one of her peers), you CANNOT do the things you have done.

So have your little fun. You can shut her up but you can't shut us up. NO! YOU CANNOT SHUT ME UP!


Oh and for my valued readers try this: dbdebenham at aol dot com.

And Judge David Debenham, you have been found guilty of crimes against the universe, specifically Claudine and her daughter.

Oh and PS Judge Debenham this is my OPINION and last I looked we live in a free country and I can have my opinion. My opinion is that you have stolen Claudine's daughter and not allowed them to have contact with each other. And as far as any other information provided on here, it is readily available on the internet, so enjoy all of your new friends.

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