August 25, 2010

He said She said the latest

Well there have been comments received regarding the latest scuffle between Claudine Dombrowski and Halleck Richardson. These people "CLAIM" that Rikki does not want to see mom and has not for a long time. And we know this because you say so? We are saying she does not want to see mom and you say she does not. How about we get a completely new person - one who is not invested in this in order to steal money from a disabled woman - one who I might add is disabled because of the child's father Halleck Richardson? Why don't you - if you know so much about this case - have Rikki contact someone who is not in this to beat a woman down - unlike all the other professionals out there? Oh yeah maybe it is because this is not the case?

Whatever..... Halleck Richardson is a wife beater and worse, one need only look at his CONVICTION record to see that.

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