August 18, 2010

User Mens Rights Activist is not too bright himself

Yep, I heard she had a five year old daughter too. FOX News reported one of the sons was two years old and the other was 18 months old. Umm, so she was only pregnant 6 months with the second child?

Well do the math numbnuts:

Oldest child who is 2 could be 35 months old and still be 2, DUHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH. And it is simply amazing that they have to pull up Susan Smith from 15 YEARS ago when we have daily articles of men killing their children. I wonder how much news this story will generate? Not near the publicity of Casey Anthony, I am sure, and probably tons more than that of Ronald Cummings. You see when a dad could be implicated in a child's murder the main stream media covers it up as quickly as they report on it. Why else would I (not a resident of South Carolina) be watching stories of the SC mother whose two sons went into a river at her hands? Because it is a mommy killing, not daddy, and because it is reminiscent of Smith.

But rather than get on a kick of mommy killing vs. daddy killing, I just wanted to show what nincompoops live on the fathers bitch boards. those that are simply incapable of using the one brain cell they have left.

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