August 18, 2010

This just popped into my head

In perusing the not so famous father's rights bitch boards, I found a post from dear old Quentin0352. Remember him? Thought so lol. Anyway what has dear old Quentin's panties in a wad this time?

Stories like this are killing my wife since we have been trying the IVF route with my being snipped. So far we have spent about $12,000 and no luck when she would be a GREAT mother while scum like this can have kids. Just pisses me off even more to see this kind of shit and that they will find an excuse for her having mental/emotional problems.

Did ya ever think maybe it is because YOU are not supposed to have any more children and now your poor wife who just might be a good mother (well she married you so I have to give her several strikes for that one) will be childless? Yeah I think of those things.

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