August 27, 2010

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Trolls Lawyers for Abuser WOS (waste of skin) Hal Richardson are cruising a lot of websites lately, thinking they belong to Claudine Dombrowski. Rest assured, she is sitting back while the rest of the world expresses outrage. I was the one writing notes at the January hearing in Topeka…oh there were a few of us. Here's a mighty fine video to enjoy, because I am nice like that.

Love, Nancy

PS (From Petunia): I am also not Nancy nor am I Claudine, so guess again. There are more than one of us, two of us, three of us.... You get the gist?

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A Mother's Heart said...

Wow, the President of the United States was on my website again at 7:30 pm from the West Wing, and guess which post he saw first? Yes indeed, it was the Internet Troll post. The Hoffmans are now a legend, ROFL!

Love, Nancy