August 25, 2010

Eenie weenie minie mite - which Hoffman is on my site?

I feel like I should ask him to relax, maybe go for a swim (well if I had a pool), have a bite to eat, maybe grab a brewsky? He has been on my site now for 3 days and each time for several hours. The first day he was here for over 5 hours. Now today he is going to see what our visitors are saying about the good Doctor. Guess what Hoffman? You turn will be next. I will find links for rating you. Well both of you since I do not have a looking glass, I can only see your IP is stalking my site. Hope you are having fun! Toodle ooooo!


mamaliberty said...

Hes been trolling my site too...gee hope all this time is not billable hours for his client! LMAO!

Rj said...

Surely he can't be spending that much time on your site unless you have images of children (little girls) embedded somewhere within.