September 24, 2009

More denial of women's rights - specifically the right to PRIVACY!!!

In fact, Samantha, LDS Family Services, the Hesses and the hospital all worked hand in glove to keep the baby from Shawn. That included the hospital's designating Samantha a "no information" patient. That meant that the hospital could only release information about the baby to people Samantha approved. Needless to say, that did not include Shawn.

We have only heard Shawn's side of this story. We have heard NOTHING from Samantha. She might very well have had a good reason for not wanting infoprmation about herself released to anyone - hence being a no-information patient. And just because some man deposits his sperm into a woman does not mean that 9 months later (or 2 months later or 5 months later or WHENEVER) that man has the right to DEMAND that information about any woman be released to him. PERIOD!!!!!

Women have no rights in the USA, and this just proves it with the thinking of the PIGS MRA's.....

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