September 9, 2009

Child support or otherwise entitled: An MRA/FR FINALLY telling the TRUTH

This one will be hard to follow folks but the basic premise is this: A woman should not get child support because she would have to pay for her house anyway, she has to buy food and food is cheaper when you fix it in bulk than if you do so when you fix it for one or two, and many many more of these "I do not think I should have to give that bitch any of MY money". Never mind this man probably does not realize what things cost (like groceries) when they were married and lets ignore the fact that things have gone up quite a bit in the last few years. In my area prices on milk doubled plus and now they are back down to a lower price but not where they were say 4 years ago.
shaun stapleton Says:

September 9th, 2009 at 8:18 pm
it is messed how the child support is not getting to "the child". but childsupport should not be used to prevent the mother from losing her home, even if the child lives there. she would have to provide a roof over her head any ways regardless if she had the kid with her. i often wonder where my child support goes. it obviously isn't to feed them since my ex gets about $550 a month in food stamps You know this how? and my kids wear old cloths that they had when we were together and we have been split for over a year. Maybe she sends them to you with play clothes saving new stuff for school etc and when she and i were together we didn't even eat $550 a month to feed us and all our kids. You had this much CONTROL over her that you knew to the penny how much was spent on food? and on top of that, when she sends them over to my place she puts them in flip flops. $2 pair of shoes. but just a few days after the first of the month she shows me the brand new Timberlands she bought for herself. and this is the same woman who claims she never has money. and ever since we have been split, by boys have had problems in school. Well judging by your English skills, I can see why they are having issues in school, and notice how you say "MY BOYS" - are they not her boys too? if we could get the family law system fixed for joint custody where it would be equal time for both parents and no child support being paid by either parent there would much less divorce in the world and women would be less likely to leave when there is a "little problem". What in your mind is a "little problem"? Is not the father beating his wife or children, being extremely controlling and intimidating, or raping his daughter - a HUGE problem? We have already seen as noted in the post directly below this one that some of your kind believe teenagers are adults - I wonder in what capacity that person feels teenagers are adults? In all ways??????? in some cases divorce is required like in cases of abuse (which i was the victim of, not her but you can't tell feminist that) or adultry (which i was a victim of also, but hey, it's only wrong when a man does it right?) I wonder what your "true name is - so we can set our little research agents on this and determine who was truly the "VICTIM" in this scenario? My dad paid child support from the time i was 8 until i was 18. within 6 month after i turned 18 she lost everything. so that tells you exactly where the child support goes in over 99% of the cases. Okay so your mother losing everything is the determining factor in how ALL women spend child support? Until my ex stopped paying, I always set aside a portion of the child support in a bank account for our child. Its long gone since he stopped paying though. Poor kid. and you can't tell me that "well, i need to pay rent, car note, electricity bill because it indirectly takes care of the kids". Ummm yes we can because it does. And should the child(ren) suffer when it was the mother who cared for the children all along and be forced to live with dad and new stepmonster simply because dad is greedy? Or is it new stepMONSTER who is the greedy one?) child support is only a means of slavery to men and a punishment to fathers who have sacrificed for their family so they can live a better life. what has the mother usually sacrificed? usually only a few stretch marks from pregnacy and the right to have an excuse to enslave a man with something they hide behind called "child support". A FEW STRETCH MARKS?!?!?!?!?!?!? Childbirth while safer today than it has ever been is still not just a "few stretch marks". Sometimes women have to undergo surgery in order to give birth. This requires anesthetic and being sliced open, ie. MAJOR SURGERY!!!!! i am not mad at all that i have to pay it and have ALWAYS paid it with no problem. i just wish i could have it regulated to she only has to buy things the kids like food and clothes because in reality that is the ONLY thing child suppport should EVER be spent on. I guess your children can sleep in the car while the mom and possibly a new boyfriend - that is if you LET her have one and don't chase him off with your control freak antics - sleep in the one bedroom apartment or studio which is all they need. Add on the cost of an extra bedroom or two and whammo the cost doubles easily. Oh and lets not forget these little buggers need their clothes washed too, or should they have to do it on a rock like our ancestors did? How about power to work the hot water heater in order for them to bathe? Or should these precious children be forced to take cold showers or none at all? Oh yeah and schools nowadays are increasingly expecting families to own computers for research to be done at home on the Internet. Oh they can go to the library for that. But JR make sure you get everything done in one hour because that is all the good ole public library system will allow. Sorry if you did not get everything you needed. I guess that C or D will just have to suffice. but what ever makes hers and her boyfriends life easier i guess.

Okay now I better stop before I yank one of these guys through my computer monitor and explain the facts of life in 2009 to them. This "poster - aka good dad (NOT!!!!)" seems to think this woman should be able to feed a family of at least 3 on 550 a month. I want to know where he expects her to grocery shop because I will be there with bells on. Even utilizing coupons, grocery specials, double coupons and family and friends discounts for employment, I spend way more than 550 on my household. And 550 to me (depending on the state where this woman lives) is maximum benefits for a family size of at least 4.

Like I said, I don't need to say anymore on this subject because this "great dad (puke gag cough snort) has said it all.


Real Men Define Themselves said...

I don't think a man should gripe about child support unless
1) Its an unreasonably high amount
2) Its not actually his kid
3) He tried for full custody and was denied.

against, I don't mind if you toss this out or not, I didn't type it for the world to see, i typed it primarily for you.

Glenn's Cult? said...

1. What is an unreasonable amount? If a child was being raised in a penthouse, going to private school, and was a privileged child when his parents were together, should the child be denied that when they separate? The child should have as close as possible to the standard of living he/she was used to before the split.

2. This is a no-brainer. He should request a paternity test. However, if the child is of an age to believe this man is his/her father and has been addressing the man as such - the man is on the birth certificate, and he has "been" father, then nothing should change based on genetics. This is emotionally damaging to a child.

3. If mother was caring for child primarily and mother has not been deemed unfit (and not just dad saying she is unfit) and she has not harmed the child, then why would dad try for "full" custody?

I thought you mehnz were all about shared parenting?

Oh yeah that is right - you are about shared parenting as long as it means you don't pay child support or you can hurt mom by taking her out of the child(ren)'s lives.

(rolls eyes)

Please go REDEFINE yourself

Real Men Define Themselves said...

I disagree whole heartedly on #1. The child should have the best lifestyle whatever custodial parent can provide. Otherwise the custodial parent, usually the mother, and usually the instigator of separation, should have considered her childs welfare before deeming the childs father expendable. The noncustodial parent, usually the father, shouldn't have to pay more that what a child requires to subsist, if the mother needs more than that, then the child needs to be with the providing parent.

#2 forcing a man to raise a child thats not his is injustice, I'm sorry for the child, but thats the mothers burden to shoulder, for making bad decisions. What your suggesting "in the best interest of the child" is tantamount to slavery.

#3 maybe, just maybe, a man can love his children too.

After reading more of your blog posts i no longer wish to have an open dialog with you. I think your rude, and presumptuous.

Glenn's Cult? said...

1. If a man has abused the mother and/or the children, then no a child should not be forced to be with abusing dad simply because he makes more. You will then see many more women staying with someone who is abusive.

2. Same scenario as above. Man decided that child was his no matter the biology, he should not be able to turn that on and off at will.

3. I never said a man could NOT love his chidlren, but a man who abuses their mother does NOT love the children. And again - you say HIS CHILDREN. Children are human beings, not property.


Got it?

As far as your little harumph at the end, good riddance. Don't need anyone here who does not want to work towards giving children the best possible life they can have, no matter who the parent is they live with. Get over the giving money to her and think of the children. She will eventually not have the child support anymore. Thos cp's who do not have a plan in place for when the child is an adult are irresponsible.

And as far as what you think I am, I think you are much worse than rude and presumptuous. I think you are evil incarnate.