September 23, 2009

Petunia has a new project in the works

Well it has come to my attention that a FR blogger has his panties in a wad because he is no longer on top of the domestic violence categroy at the rival blogsite. It appears that a protective mother's blog has held that spot for some time now. he has accused this protective mother of cheating, he has attacked her on his blog, he has twisted her posts around to suit his purpose, all to gain that ever elite top spot.

Only problem is people are seeing that maybe just maybe the protective moms out here on the 'Net are telling the truth. And they are steering away from his blog to hers. And that has his panties in a knot.

Now you may ask, to what level does he now resort, Petunia? Well he has stolen images from this protective mother's blog, he has also violated copyright protection laws by slightly changing a protective mother's organization's name and using that to post abusive motehr stories. And he does not only post abusive moms stories, he posts graphic gory details as well. Not content to just continue his spews on his site he must now resort to illegal tactics (theft of images as well as copyright infringement).

So what is Petunia's latest project, you might ask? Well Petunia is never one to back down so I have decided it is time for good ol' Markie Poo to be featured exposed right here. So Markie Poo I know you will watch me soon. I will watch you watching me sucker. And I will not be nice either. I am angry that abusive men like you get away with the things you do, so I write about it. I show you to the world. So get ready Markie Poo, GAMES ON!!!!!

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Anonymous said...

Hahahahaha! MRAs + butthurt= EPIC LULZ :P