September 10, 2009

Child support, federal tax refunds and more

Okay here is the latest numbnuts comments:

Scott Says:

September 10th, 2009 at 11:44 am
a2homeFamily I have a question. The money that the states hold, where does the interest go ? Do the states keep it ? Is it passed on as it should be ?

Okay Scott, I will ask you this one. Does the IRS send you interest on the taxes it has held and possibly used during the year? Or do you allow the federal government to hold that money "ineterest-free"? Might want to be careful what you wish for. The federal government might just say - okay all these "deadbeat" parents (mostly dads) want to raise hell about their refunds, we will jsut add a new code which says we have 6 months from the date of receiving return to process a refund if one is due. This will then automatically cover for those deadbeats who utilize a tax refund to partially pay their child support.

This will then penalize at least 80% of the general population who sometimes rely on those refunds coming at at a specific time in order to do for their families what is needed. Some families use this money to get braces for example. Some may use it for family vacation funds (granted not a necessity, but something for the family nonetheless). There are many things a family (or even individual) will use a refund for. You keep it up with your stupid bitching and the IRS will change the rules and NOBODY will get their refund within days or even weeks. It will be MONTHS. And when you pay taxes and file your return, you agree to not getting any interest. It is actually not the state government holding the money, it is the federal government holding it for the period of time required for any appeals. The federal government then releases the money to the state.

(rolls eyes)

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