March 9, 2010

No proof required - and you too can steal a child....

I frequently get the question, "How do you prove parental alienation in Court?" My response is that, luckily, you do not have to prove it, you just have to get the Judge to believe that it is present...

I recall trials at one time in our past as a country in which no proof was required also. The victims of those trials were burned at the stake. Is PA/PAS/PAD the new Salem?

Just go HERE and you too can steal a child away from a fit, loving, PROTECTIVE parent. No questions asked about whether you are unfit or abusive - no siree. Hell you might even be able to get the other parent to pay child support to you. How sweet is that. You get free money, you get to continue to terrorize your victims - and all with the blessings of the court. Just wave around the new witchcraft accusations in the form of PA/PAS/PAD (hell these people cannot even make up their minds what they want to call it) and you too can have it all. If you are truly smart, you can start to threaten this before your victims even leave and make them stay.

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Rj said...

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