March 7, 2010

Another FR in the works - polluting a "Protective Parent" group?

Thisa post on Facebook discusses whether mothers can be violent. My associates and I all agree that mothers can indeed be violent - however it is at a much lower rate than that which is claimed by FR/MRA's. Here (LINK) you will read some posts by several people. It starts off with "Bill." He claims in his postings to be non-violent:

I am one of the most passive persons you ever met.

Earlier in this post he then discusses how he has "carried on" with his ex's new boyfriend and the things he plans "to do" to his ex:

I met her "new" boyfriend just about an hour ago at a nearby store. I walked up to him and offered to shake his hand "thanking him for taking the whore from me".
(Just HAS to mention what a whore this woman is to her current partner - and notice the next post)

He then said in front of Amber's daughter for me to get "the f#*k away!". I then said simply - "You will have your day! She will do to you just like she did to not only me, but to her other 5 live in boyfriends"
(The new boyfriend wisely does not want to have a confrontation so requests this "person" to stay away - yet only thing "this person" can do is mention how new boyfriend used the "F" word in front of a child - read above quote by "this person".)

I could tell he was shaking in his boots
("shaking in his boots"? Why? Did you make some sort of "promise" that is not being discussed on this post? Goes back again to the "I am non-violent" comment)

In fact in Michigan they have a Parenting Time Policy Handbook and one of the rules is that the parents are NOT supposed to drink in excess.... last night she was at the bar (as normal) getting drunk..
(She was "getting" drunk? And you know this how?????? Is she over 21? How about I show you a court order that I am in possession of which gives a father permission to drink whenever he wants (including when the child is there) even though proof was submitted about his severe alcoholism?)

Then...... we have a moment of coherent thought. Another commenter comes around and states what is running through my head reading the rants of this woman's ex:

What I mean to say is that there are better ways to solve the problem rather than trying to infere with her relationship. How do you know her current boyfriend won't do what you couldn't do for her? And how do you know that she's going out until late at night? Should she get a PPO on you. If I had an ex doing what you were doing I would certainly have no hesitating in getting one because what you are doing is considered domestic violence...

Yeah sounds to me lilke stalking and menacing behavior is happening with this one - but hey who am I to say - I am just a member of that hated "pigpen" group - don't really care about anything but myself anyways.

This guy then goes on to say this:

How do I know she is going out til late at night? Well she was when I was with her, and she still is as witnesses have told me that she goes out and wakes up the next morning with a hang over.
(This could read (which I believe to be more plausible): How do I know she is going out til late at night? Well she was when I was with her, and she still is as witnesses (I have requested to follow her) have told me that she goes out and wakes up the next morning with a hang over.)

You see when these men who are accustomed to behaving in this fashion have been told you cannot go within so many feet of your ex-wife/girlfriend, they just get someone else to do their dirty work.

And he goes on about how she got in his truck and followed him around. Now I wish sometimes I could follow the father of my children around. You see he pretty much does stupid things when it comes to the care of our children, nothing to say "abuse" just careless acts that put our children in harm's way. Neglectful actions and stupid thoughts. How about allowing a toddler to start a fire in a fireplace (teaching the use of matches/lighters? The child in question in this post is only 2 and quite possibly the mother wants to ensure his safety. Mothers will put themselves in harm's way if it means protecting their child (most mothers that is). Simply because this mother was willing to be around a man she has claimed to be abusive because he has possession of the child - does not negate her fear. She simply has put herself second as far as safety is concerned in order to protect the child she carried for almost 9 months and protect the child to whom she gave birth. You see mothers are like that numbnuts (this is to Bill the poster of the Mothers Are Violent thread).

Now the million dollar question is this:

Where is this drunk, slut, whore trash violent mother who is Bill's ex? Too bad she would probably never find this post. How about we hear BOTH sides of the story?

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