March 2, 2010

Stepmammamia - more stepMONSTER hate

You will truly love this line folks (note the highlighted parts):

Yes, it truly doesnt matter if the child support were set at $500 a month or $5.00 a month, she's still not going to pay.In our state, Child support can be reviewed any time there is a chance in circumstances that would result in a $50 change in support. She's still unemployed, she's still living in a what's changed? Nothing. At least for her

And where does this jewel come from you may ask? Right here: Stepping Stones

I think some REAL moms need to show her how much hatred she is giving the world and this poor child by being so angry at the biological mother.


action said...

If the biological mother is living in a car, then she's obviously not much of a mother is she? If you had chosen to read like maybe even half of SMM's blog then you'd see she's been thrown into this out of the biological mother's stupidity and selfishness. She's choosing a man over her kid.
Personally I think SMM has a bit of a right to be angry since she's having to obviously care and support someone else's kid. The mother is a classic deadbeat, obviously.

I'm thinking behind the screen of your blog you too are a deadbeat parent.

Its terribly bad blogging ettiquette to pick on someone else's blog for negative attention to support your causes and beliefs. Shame on you.

Missy said...

I'm just wondering how you can sit in judgment of someone when you don't have all the facts, when you have not lived the situation.

Instead of bashing a stepmother who seems to be trying as best as she can, why not offer her some support, ask her if you can help her with difficult situations, offer advice and help.

Because the reality is that the more we bad mouth one another without really knowing all the facts or offering help - the more we become part of the problem.