March 23, 2010

Reproductive Rights, Parental Rights and Family Violence

The memebrs of SYG are in an uproar. What about you might ask? This article (Reproductive Rights, Parental Rights and Family Violence) about Family Violence and how it relates to parental rights and family violence. Here is a portion of that article:

When do reproductive rights end? Do they end at birth? Do they continue throughout a child’s life? Do reproductive rights extend to parental rights? These are questions we are just starting to ask. And finding the answer can be, in many cases, the difference between life and death.

One poster at SYG wrote this:

They always wheel out the "battered woman". Who is this woman? She keeps appearing when feminists want to make a point or close down a debate. It's like a kind of Godwin's Law for Feminists. As soon as they mentioned "battered woman", the debate's over. No logic, just an appeal to sympathy toward a hypothetical woman.

Who is the battered woman? She is your mother, your sister, your aunt, your niece, your neighbor, your coworker. She is that woman in the grocery store. She is the cashier ringing up your groceries. She is the mom with her children at the park. She is everywhere.

Then we have the wonderful logic of outdoors on SYG again:

it's the fuckin' courts themselves that promote and create the conflict

what a joke

What an agressive man. Is it any wonder should he have an ex wife and/or chidlren that they are afraid and want protection?

Reading any more of their drivel makes me want to puke so just go to their site should you want any more enlightening. Don't argue with them though, especially if you are a female. That will get them telling you to pull the stick out of your butt (project your fatnasies much guys?) or calling you derogatory remarks like cookie, darling, little princess (I could do a whole post just on the little princess remark). But alas I am bored and must move on to better things right now :-)


The Biscuit Queen said...

I don't know, I am a woman and I post on SYG all the time. I have argued with many of them and find if you bring facts and actual data with you to support your points, they will generally debate quite reasonably. They just don't roll over and play dead when you bring out the trump cards which work for most of society.

Glenn's Cult? said...

Yes and you also posted on with Terri Stoddard playing your role (real?) play games. Should I dig up the old posts and bring those forward to show just how you and Terri denigrate women to these father's rights types? Which one of the sickos on SYG or antimisandry created the Patriarchy group for your fun and games (denigration)? Or was it YOUR idea?

As for your other post claiming that women are more abusive - women have more of an opportunity to do so. Not ALL women abuse just as not all men abuse. When you have requests for protection orders from abuse they need to be listened to and not ignored. One of your very own vocal father's rights guys has had 3 of those very same orders, and is in fract on probation for assaults and violations of those orders.

Or should we discuss good ol' Murtari and his infamous chalking sessions? The officials have wised up to his act and know when he is coming to chalk. Or shoudl we discuss Steele who as a dyslexic should not be expecting to write a book, yet he abondoned his family and two ill children in order to be selfish and do just that.

Listen Biscuit Queen (AKA Jen) why don't you just go back to playing at being a woman. You dam sure don't know how to be one. Keep coming to my playground and you might get burned (exposed) for what and who you truly are. Do you really want that?