March 16, 2010

Ode to Glenn Sacks

There was a triangular man once I heard of...
He says he's Glenn Sacks- did I hear that right?
You google your name and his name as a couple...
And thereby promptly goes your sight.

Your eyes hurt and blink- pain does need super courage,
You can't understand why they give such a flop?
Is that just his Photo, or writing of garbage?
Triangular Man - when your whining will stop?

Consistence and Glenn Sacks - these two have a rub;
You ask him for truth and like horse - he'll gallop;
These simple requests forever he'll snub,
Triangular Man - when your whining will stop?

To call him a man would be like hocus-pocus,
Like April Fouls's joke, anecdote at the top,
He bravely beats women - that only his focus;
Triangular Man - when your whining will stop?

One mom's thrown in jail, while the bum has her kids;
Another one raped, psychopath is on top -
Glenn Sacks runs to help - and he falls and he skids,
Triangular Man - when your whining will stop?

Glenn's their beacon of hope, and their best spokesman,
Abusers' protecting super fast antelope,
He glorifies rape, he's abusers' TRUE fan,
Triangular Man - when your whining will stop?

Truth begs, and truth pleads, and reminds, and cajoles
Glenn - loud, and wide, human-like isotope,
But supplications like these went into the black holes, of
Triangular Man - when your whining will stop?

To make his point here -he claims "corrupt courts";
Next page - his position's bent like periscope;
His "findings" spread; slither, like snakes of all sorts,
Triangular Man - when your whining will stop?

You will live on the streets, for abusers to see,
With all your belongings and "findings" on blacktop,
Some lessons come hard for half-humans, like YE,
Triangular Man- when your whining will stop?

They's throw you breadcrusts and weep at your site;
You will be discarded, like that poor Mop,
You can't change the truth, it will always stay right.
Triangular Man - when your whining will stop?

So please heed the warnings and destruction avoid,
You sound like well-fed, abuser's pet parrot,
Stop lying, stop twisting and not become unemployed;
Triangular Man - you bring shame to our Planet!

Written by good Mother.

Explanation of what Triangular Man looks like (no head basically, and fat downward):


jeana said...

I always wonder if Glenn Sack's wife ever read his blog, or the comments that his followers made. And I wonder what his daughter and son would think. Maybe that's why he got rid of the comments. I sure wouldn't like it if my followers were deranged loonies, nor would I want my family to read the kind of comments those people wrote.

But actually, it seemed to me that his moderator (if he's still there) Robert Franklin was the real demento. He had such a profound hatred of females. Glenn Sacks seemed to me to be someone who has a blog because he has no other job and nothing else to do and to keep himself occupied, he types about the Oppression of Men. I don't get the feeling that he ever was that invested in the MRA movement. Maybe because he was relatively decent to me for a time. But maybe he's gone more ballistic in the last 6 months. Maybe he believes what he and his buddies write. I don't know. But I'd like to know if his wife is a regular reader and if he'd let his little girl and son read the blog.

Glenn's Cult? said...

There are rumors floating that the reason for the removal of comments is because myself and other bloggers have taken those comments written by his followers and highlighted them as I have done. I originally started this blog because they made me very angry when they denied the abuse I have endured. It increased when I saw what they did to Jennifer collins and Holly - her mother.

Jennifer did an excellent portrayal on her blog where she must have printed and read his entire website. She has pointed out some (quite a few) inconsistencies in his statements and some scary stuff as well, including her thoughts on Sacks' children and his wife.

I wish people would understand we (my associates and I) do not HATE men, we simply do not think applying a one size fits all arrangement in cases of divorce will protect children. We do not think it should be left to some strangers to decide what children should do if parents split.

Now what is the solution? I am a simple person and do not have degrees and such, I simply think something better needs to be done or we will end up with more Wyatts, and more Darcy's.

jeana said...

Maybe they also got rid of comments because there was so much hate and stupidity on that blog (like on all MRA blogs) and Glenn Sacks didn't want his name associated with it. Slapping a little disclaimer that said that he wasn't responsible for what the MRAs said doesn't really work when you have males demeaning female rape victims, insisting that drunken girls get what they deserve and that males can't possibly control their penises nor should they be expected to, and that all female abuse victims are most likely liars, among many other things. Nor does it work when you delete people who disagree with you but leave the hateful, pro-abuse, pro-rape comments out there for all to see. It does and should be associated with him because that's what he creates and encourages. He enables lonely males to focus their rage on females who don't want them, and to see feminists as some sort of evil beings who only want to destroy poor, helpless men, and take their money and their children. That's just wrong.