December 28, 2009

Jugs for Justice for true "shared parenting"? Not likely - read here for Teri's own words

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First and foremost, I find it offensive every time a woman states that
men who like to look at breasts are perverts. Seems these women don't
know men very well. It is quite normal for men to enjoy looking at

I did write "low traffic." That's because it was down to a little over
200 hits a month. But since I've been updating it I'm now getting over
400 hits a month. That's 400 more each month than we had before I made
the site. That's before I start posting again. And that's without the

Jugs is not about family rights. It's mainly about men's rights. I'll
be including info on dv against males, false allegations of abuse,
etc, not just equal parenting.

I know this will work. And believe me, you need all the help you can
get. You guys have been waiting over 30 years for equal parenting. I'm
not that patient.

And Jugs for Justice supports women how? Oh now I get it, women love
to expose their breasts for men to ogle.

'Nuff said...

Or better yet - why don't we do a website called Tits for Teri - seems she is obssessed about jugs and tits.....


Rj said...

Maybe she was breastfed

Glenn's Cult? said...

Or jealous?

A Friend Who Cares said...

Teri is just a suck up to the Fathers Rights crowd. Even they can't stand her simpering as evidenced by her recent whining that no-one wished her a happy birthday. Anyone who is that DESPERATE for attention has got to have some deep psychological problems which appear to have manifested as a desire to be a subservient slave to these man bullies. Teri in her desire to be ACCEPTED by the man bullies will sell out ALL women. Her granddaughter will hate her guts if she doesn't already (but then Teri can scream PAS like all the man bullies she sucks up to). lol