December 8, 2009

Confusion or old age? Protective parents fighting against bogus Parental Alienation (Syndrome)

I am extremely confused about something Godbey. You seem to contradict yourself when you want. You first post this dated 12/03/09:

Separation, Divorce and Parental Alienation Syndrome – Reprint

In this article you write:

For those who missed this original article, I have reprinted it here. When it first appeared in Pyschology Today Online, the hate-children organization that actively encourages hate-speech against men, Anonymums and the Members of the Pig Pen, (as they are known to children and protective parenting advocates) began spamming the site with their lies about children and divorce, particularly Parental Alienation and Parental Alienation Syndrome.

Then 4 days later you write this (on 12/07/09):

Real Protective Parents Never Call Themselves “Protective Parents”

The title of this blog explains it all, and your second item also does an excellent job of explaining this:

2. Never refer to themselves as protective parents. It is a code word, listed below.

So which is it Godbey? Are you what you claim you should never call yourself, a protective parent? Or are you one of the parents from whom children need protecting? One need only look at court record to determine whether you are truthful regarding your alleged compaints in family court. I think we have covered your case to death, and it is nothing more than the typical male hate that spews from the "ohmygodihavetogivethatbitchsomeofmymoneyandidonotwantto" syndrome. Why won't you cover that in your blog? Or it could even be the "iwasapricktomyexwifeandthekidswhenwelivedtogetherandnowthatmykidsarefreetheyhatemyactionsbutifistraightenupimightbeableotrepairtherelationshipbutihatetheirmomsomuchthatiwillneveractright" syndrome? Just like with any addcition or mental illness, the first step Markiepoo is to admit it to yourself.

You are so fond of spewing hatred though that I never see an admission of the part you played in your case.

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A Friend Who Cares said...

What's the bet ole Markiepoo was accused of sexually molesting his kids. It's a common theme on his blogs and he does get pretty agitated about it.
Let's ask his ex wife and kids.