December 21, 2009

mc on father's rights and children as property

mc Says:

December 20th, 2009 at 5:25 pm
Marriage was a contract. A man promised to provide, and a woman promised him exclusive use of her womb. He paid her to bear his children. That's why they assumed his name. That's why up until 200 years ago they were considered his property until they came of age. This is how fatherhood became an institution and a cornerstone of civilization, rather than the random mating activity that is more commonly seen in Nature.

Read this again slowly a second time. Are you disgusted also?


LK said...

It's still like that in some areas of the world today. In fact, a year or so ago, I saw a documentary on National Geographic Channel about some of the African Tribes and marriage rituals. The family of the man and the father of the daughter sat down to negotiate a price for the 12 year old bride, who actually had no choice in the matter.


David Scott said...

Thank you for this Article. Fathers’ right to be a meaningful part of their childrens’ lives, have been eroded to the point of non-existence. My research suggests that this is a phenomenon consistent throughout the industrialized nations. Children who are alienated from their fathers are more likely later in life to have emotional/behavioral problems, suffer from depression, drop out of school, fail in their jobs, and suffer from other social problems. I invite you to visit my site devoted to raising awareness on this growing problem:

Glenn's Cult? said...

My point with this article in case it was misunderstood, is that some (SOME) of the fathers in the father's rights movement feel that women should not be able to vote, should not be able to have any say over anything related to themselves or the hosuehold in which they reside. Basically women should be barefoot and pregnant and should shut up. Children have even less rights. I have another post coming later tonight which will share some more jewels of wisdom by the MRA movement.

Children and women have rights and feelings and men who feel entitled believe that these feelings and rights should be squashed.

You can look at several of the bloggers out there and see that they will go to any length to squash my right to be vocal about these issues as well as others rights to do the same. They spread lies and rumors and innuendo about us.

Do not believe everything you read.

Cold North Wind said...

There are those that deny females and children any human rights. I stand with the people who think that women and children are human beings, too.

What amazes me- is that the human rights deniers actually seem to think that some women will "join" them ! Well- maybe a couple- who are- not interested in calling themselves human !

justice4mothers said...

LMAO....David Scott is a spammer....I have gotten this comment (exact same words) a few times at my site.

David Scott said...

Spamming is when a person uses a computer program to make posts automatically and/or sending out mass emails to people you don't know. Regardless, whether or not I am a spammer is irrelevant to the discussion and does not take anything away from the truth of my post.

Peace and love to all!

Glenn's Cult? said...

well you are much more polite than anyone else in your arena has been so your comments are allowed on my site. For now. When you step over the line your comments will hit the bucket like LK's, and Real Men Define Themselves and others. I might even block you from even coming here. Now that would be funny since I already have a huge list of those blocked. So sad.... They want to read my ramblings and they cannot. Poor poor poor fathers righters....

Cold North Wind said...

Was wondering David- did you ever heard or read the story of three blind men who are standing around an elephant- and each in turn touches what is in front of him- and describes it to others? I thought of that story when I read "the truth of my post" - in your post.