December 30, 2009

AS promised, Carol and her place on the Hall of Shame.

(My comments in red)

1.Hold UP!?
Who is the STUPID one here?
I say it’s Bristol Palin…… and her parents….who did not teach their child to “just say NO” to premarital sex;

blame the female for the male and his sex drive this is priceless

they didn’t even teach the dumb, little twit name calling to shame the female?how to use “protection” to prevent STD’s! And they are damn lucky that all she got was pregnanc and not herpes, gardinella or HIV/AIDS!
Failure to educate your kids? That is stupid.
To blame Levi for the stupidity of Bristol and her parents is ludicrous.
Levi appears to be your average, red blooded, horney little dude……which describes millions of teenage boys around the globe.
Did you ever think (oh I forgot you do not know how to THINK) that maybe just maybe Bristol might have those same feelings? Or are females not allowed those feelings?
He took what he could get….and Bristol gave it up..willingly and without protection for her own health.
Again, another stupid move on her part.
more name calling and shaming
Levi’s not stupid…he’s young and an opportunist.
Let's pump up the male and give him more power and control, women are supposed to be frail and weak and need protection. WHATEVER!!!!
It wasn’t Levi’s idea to strut across the national stage during Mc Cain’s campaign for President.
oh was she supposed to go to a convent halfway across the country to hide the fact that she was pregnant because good little girls just do not do these types of things? AGAIN WHATEVER!!!!!
It wasn’t Levi’s idea to tell the whole, wide world how he “nailed” the Vice Presidential hopeful’s daughter.
but he was sure there afterwards so he could keep being famous, keep having his 15 minutes in the spotlight. I think his 15 minutes has stretched into 24 hours and it is more than enough.
That was Sarah and her political advisors who made those decisions.
Stupid is as stupid does.
Levi was only 18….with no parents to advise him…or so it appears….in any case…..Levi did what Levi was told to do….as did Bristol.
so it is okay that Levi did as the Palins tol dhim and Bristol should have done differently? AGAIN AND AGAIN WHATEVER!!!
They stupidly followed “stupid directives” from adults who should have known better….and who had an obligation to protect these kids.
In my mind…I keep thinking, ‘Good Lord Sarah Palin! Even in the animal kingdom, a mother protects her young!’ What is wrong with you!!!!!!
Did Sarah NOT think that these two kids would be devoured by the media?
Is Sarah so stupid…….. that she didn’t think people would judge the situation? Or that her child would suffer from all the world’s attention?
If she did…..Sarah is not only stupid……. she is “Queen Stupid”.
Sarah’s blind ambition got in the way of teaching her daughter the values and mores that she herself believes in…..
Sarah’s raw desire for fame and power….. got in the way of good decision making for the sake of her family…….and she did nothing to protect her child and her future grandbaby from the cruelty of media scrutiny; commentary and ridicule.
Queen Stupid.
Sarah threw these kids to the wolves….to further her own political ambitions.
And Levi…..teenage stud muffin that he ismaybe in your eyes, but in mine that towel was awful damn small!!!… taking advantage of it…..and why not?
Bristol is no more fit to parent a child than her mother is…..obviously.
I suspect God sent that special needs baby, Trig, to Sarah for one good reason…… so that maybe she could get her priorities straight and to teach her….. that children are a “gift” and they need mother’s attention and protection. to say this is a punishment from God is so beyoind comprehension, one must only assume you are a self-professed Christian. Your type of christian needs to stay away from me!!!!!
Ah, but Queen Stupid is instead out all over the country promoting and signing her book.
Meanwhile, she resents that Levi is taking advantage of the spotlight she put on him!

Like I said…..Queen Stupid.

Now I must say as other commenters on this site have said - you really have issues with Sarah Palin and you seriously need help. If you would like to email me and tell me your location, I willattempt to find you a good therapist so you can work through this Sarah anxiety you are having :-).

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