December 13, 2011

STOP the bullying of Verizon Wireless by known abusers....

The Verizon Foundation has refused our request to remove the false DV
claims on its website:

So beginning on Wednesday, Dec. 14, we will begin a week-long protest at
Verizon stores throughout the country. Put together, this will represent
the largest, most massive protest ever launched by our movement.

All we want you to do is go to a couple of nearby Verizon stores for an
hour and distribute a flyer that will be posted Tuesday evening at .

This is something that persons can do individually or in small groups.

Will you be part of the solution, or just an interested observer? Keep
it simple, have fun, and let's get the job done!

Call up Verizon and let them know they need to stand up to these abusers, pedophiles and bullies.

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