December 9, 2011

Captain Courageous at it again

Well well well.....

It seems that my dear old friend Captain Courageous is at it again. Only this time it looks like he cannot read!!! Well coming from someone who has the antiquated belief system of this man and who must take on the role of a super hero when he is anything but SUPER or a HERO, what do we expect? Now you night ask, Petunia what has caused you to stop your cruise around the world to post? Well reading SYG in order to slowly acclimate myself back to the twisted and deluded world of the FReak MRA, I have come across this post from Dear ol' Captain:

Why is this so amazing? Well if you see what the article claims, it is what we alleged "rabid" feminists have been saying all along. Children do better with a male figure but this article also states father or other consistent male role model. Now this is itself is nothing but read on to see what Brian (another 'special' FReak) has to say:

You see they both do not seem to be able to read or comprehend what they have read and they COMPLETELY miss the part that says "other consistent male role model." So the research is as we say. Consistent (which does not mean consistently BAD, it means consistently GOOD) male role model. Someone who is healthy for a child. Someone who does NOT abuse a child. Someone who does NOT abuse the child's mother. Someone who does not iignore court orders (like support orders). So what is Petunia's solution for Brian and Captain Courageous? Welllllllll, maybe one of those good male role models can teach them how to read and comprehend what they have read? That might be a good start......

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