May 19, 2011

Update on my Dahlin' sweet cuz Petunia and more

Well Mz P is now in Cabo San Lucas and living the sweet life. I myself am so green, the beaches look divine! She sends this postcard with a little note for all:

Hello my gentle readers. I trust by now some of you have met Whortie, cousin on my mother's side? I am allowing Whortie the privilege of carrying on with my good work, with the hopes that some fresh blood will invigorate all of us into some forward movement in this cause. We must at all times keep our eyes on the ultimate reward and that is the safety of women and children everywhere. Oh and maybe along the way we will piss off a few of those FReaks and FRags? It is all good as they say. I hope you welcome Whortie with open arms and send items of interest to W just as you once did with me.

I am thoroughly enjoying my time away and I know for a fact this blog will be in good hands when or if I return. Until that point in time Bon Vayage all!

Well golly gee whiz Pettie!!! I am having such a hissy of joy! Thank you so much dahlin' for the vote of confidence.

Now I see we must get on with business at hand and that is showing the world what a nasty life those poor poor men have when they decide to beat their wives and have sex with their children. Such a nasty nasty world we live in after all.

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