May 16, 2011

Petunia has had it!

petunia cruise

Well all of you gentle readers, your dear Petunia has reached burnout. Yes, we all thought she could continue on forever, but even Petunia has reached a boiling point. So rather than gather up her family and friend piggs, hoggs, and scosas, she will take a vacation. She has decided to go on a cruise to nowhere. She has read about this delightful voyage for several years now and must see for herself what the fuss is about. Now lets hear from Petunia directly:

Darlings, I must bid adieu. As you all know too well exposing the FReaks and FRags of today's society takes hours of hard work and much pressure is applied. I could no longer take the daily barrage of emails threatening my very life. I will not end up as barbeque on some FReaks plate. Nor will I end up the makeup being caked on a FRags face in order to attract said FReak. So without further ado, I leave you with a parting picture of me on my trip to nowhere. I will send regular updates but until I decide to return, I want to introduce you to my dahlin cousin, the FABULOUS Whortie Hogg.

Whortie has been mentoring under me from the very beginning and in fact the FABULOUS dear has indeed offered and succeeded in smoking out some of the very worst offenders.

Please dear gentle readers, welcome Whortie. FABULOUS dahlin! Come aboard, bon voyage!


LK said...

Don't let the door hit you in the butt on the way out.


Whortie Hogg said...

Now now dahlin' must you be so crabby? Petunia might be "away" for a spell, but Whortie is here to carry the ball and chain. And just so you know, Whortie has the vim and vigor befitting a good ol' southerner. Wanna tangle wit' me?