January 11, 2011

Glenn Sacks again Attacks Protective Mothers and their supporters

Jennifer Collins is such a brave young woman and by all of her accounts as well as those of her brother and mother, she has lived a rather full life in her short 2 decades here. Yet she is constantly faced with attacks and falsehoods being spread about her. Does Sacks ever publish the fact that she DID attempt contact with her father as an adult woman who did not have to fear his alleged abuse? Did Sacks ever post about her father's response to her during said contact? NO SACKS DID NOT!

He did not do this because it does not fit into his neat little package of all those mean mommies out there stealing children from their fathers. (As if children were indeed 'property' and as such could be 'stolen').

This is just the tip of the iceberg on Sacks. Most of my readers know that Sacks disabled comments long ago on his blog. Thankfully there is no shortage of FReaks on the 'Net hating and abusing women.

Sacks attacks not only Holly Collins and Jennifer Collins, he goes on to attack TC. He does this by posting what should be her information and her child's information through his newsletter and blog. He gives what is presumably a minor child's name and location to his readers, many of whom have admitted themselves on his blog in the comment section to having been accused of sexual attacks on children. Smooth move exlax. Let's just possibly endanger even more children.

He is not even finished there. He attacks BN. He does this inferring that BN must have zero brain cells and is completely unable to make a rational decision on his own based on information he can accumulate on his own. I guess BN must be another one of those manginas that his readers spoke of so frequently.

Surprisingly he left BAZ alone. One must wonder why that is.

He also attacks AR in the same way he goes after BN. Again a lawyer who is highly respected in his field enough so that he can take on a hugely complicated case pro-bono and still maintain his other client load and get a good result for Holly Collins. Oh and lets not forget the mainstream reporters who followed the Collins case and actively reported on it as well. They must have been hypnotized by Holly or Jennifer or both. YEAH! That is it!!! Jennifer and holly are master hypnotists and were able to place ALL of these people under their spell and make them ALL believe EVERY word uttered by them. Yeah there we go!

He goes on to attack several other presenters at the BMCC which will go unnamed as it is simply more drivel and unnecessary to show his absolute hatred of any woman/mother claiming to be a protective mother.

In closing let's look at "HIS" conclusion to his huge "attack" journalism:

Fathers and Families is working for a family court system which properly and impartially investigates abuse claims so that abuse victims are protected but unscrupulous litigants are prevented from employing false claims against the innocent.

Fathers and Families has always been concerned about and stood against domestic violence—domestic violence organizations should make it clear that they are concerned about and stand against false accusers.

My Conclusion:

Fathers and Families is working for a family court system which improperly investigates abuse claims so that abuse victims are not protected but unscrupulous litigants are able to employ false claims against the abused.

Fathers and Families has never been concerned about nor stood against domestic violence—domestic violence organizations are the only ones concerned about and standing against false accusers.

May I also add - how quickly we forget about The Family Place and DART? Or the great work Ampersand from "Alas a Blog" did for TFP regarding the cruel and unusual treatment from Sacks? Or what about his little experiment he undertook in order to "prove" that women's shelters (ummmm duh 'WOMEN'S should give you a clue) were engaging in bias and discrimination against men. That these 'women's shelters' should have their federal funding removed due to this discrimination? How about we start removing the funding from ALL of the Fatherhood Initiative programs that are biased against and discriminate against - mothers?

Ahhhh who cares about poor little women. Ain't got the important parts anyway and all they are good for is making babies for us to control and manipulate and so we can stroke our egos. Visit Jennifer's blog and her two part article to see how much Sacks 'strokes' his own ego. Truly eye-opening stuff there.

Nuff said with this. Ladies (and those few true men who support us) we are in for the fight of our lives. Our children are depending on us.

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