January 26, 2011

huffington Post engages in censorship and hatred of women yet again

Warshack recently published a false article on PA/PAS/PAD/HAP/MMS and the protective parents movement tried to comment to show a balance and give information from the viewpoint of the abused mother and child. Sadly Warshack and/or Huff Post felt these comments did not need to be published.

We now have another writer who is engaging in the same censorship. On Huff Post we have "Parental Alienation: It's About More Than "A Uterus, Divorce Papers and Bruises" by Cathy Meyer. Another "expert" as you can see by her bio:

Cathy Meyer is a Certified Divorce Coach, Marriage Educator and Legal Investigator. She works with people who expected to be married forever but are now facing divorce. Through her writing and individual coaching, Cathy provides clients with strategies and resources that empower them and equip
them with the skills needed to grow through a time of adversity.

Cathy is the Guide to Divorce Support@About.com, a resource writer for First Wives World and the co-founder of Divorced Women Online. An online magazine written by divorced women, for divorced women.

Certified Divorce Coach? What the hell is that? Oh I know - someone else to make money off the heartache people invariably suffer when going through a divorce. And someone else who OBVIOUSLY has NO CLUE what abuse in a marriage is about. Have you ever sat and watched your parents or your child or even yourself get shot at? How about stabbed Cathy? Or wait here is even one better. How about having your abuser kill himself and have that forever weighing on your conscious? Or read the hundreds of stories daily where a FATHER who is supposed to LOVE his children, supposed to honor and protect and CHERISH his wife, belittles and beats them daily? No? Didn't think so. Then you need to shut your trap about abuse in a marriage and the aftermath of a divorce afterward. What type of domestic violence and abuse training have you had? Didn't think so.

Now what has spurred Petunia into this rant. A reader took a screenshot of a post she made as well as a post made in response to a well known protective parent blogger. It seems Ms Meyers feels that a parents right to have their child trumps a mother's (and many times child's) right to be free from abuse. Yep there you have it. Women are crap in Cathy's mind. Don't believe me just look below for the actual text and a screenshot of the comment:

I am more interested in protecting a child from the harm parental alienation does than protecting a few women who have suffered abuse.

So there you have it folks. We are finally getting to the bottom of this. The FReaks and FRags could give two shits less about abused women. Just make sure those daddies (all of them even the nasties) are allowed to continue to control and manipulate the children.

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