January 17, 2014

More about NCFathers and stompkinsnc (Susan Terrell Tompkins)

Notice below that we are on the website of one of our old favorite FReaks, Paul Elam of A Voice For Men. In the screenshot below you can see that Susan terell Tompkins is attributed with writing this article for AVfM.

If you click on one of the links in this article on AVfm, it will lead you back to one of the attack articles post by one stompkinsnc at http://ncfathers.wordpress.com (again we do not post links to female hate sites). You can see by the ablove screen shot and the two screenshots below that these are indeed identical articles.

If you check out these two screenshots you will send the final paragraph is also identical in both articles. It is the same article. On AVfm it is published by Susan Terrell Tompkins and on ncfathers it is published by stompkinsnc as shown in the first screenshot below.

Why is this important do you ask? I intend to show you how this blog owner has taken screenshots and with the intent to hurt women/mothers and their children, posted them without any forethought given for the intended purpose of causing harm. Just more of the FReaks and their same old games. I guess I should never have retired? Well I am back to stay. I take NO PRISONERS, FReaks!! Mess with me!

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