January 17, 2014

Divorce Corp Cast - Wendy Archer

Wendy Archer is the next "star" of Divorce Corp. Some preliminary research has show some very....shall we say....less than above board ties with those in the family court reform movement. As shown in this screenshot below, Ms. Archer has affiliated herself with John Aster of Australia.

Who is John Aster of Australia?

Perhaps this will help:

Family Court Crisis-Abusers Getting Custody!: The Secrecy Law Scandal; John Aster Exposed

John Aster is engaging in semantics, and as evidenced by comments from many on this article, you can see that one claims he is a pedophile. Another goes on to list the many things he has done besides what is stated in the original article and provides links to those as well.

Wendy Archer also believes in the debunked and unscientific theory of Parental Alienation/Parental Alienation Syndrome/PA/PAS. Many of those who claim that their child is being "alienated" by the other parent have tried and failed to get this syndrome included in the new DSM (Diagnostic Staistics Manual - the bible for psychiatrists and psychologists everywhere). Abused children are removed from protective and formerly abused mothers everyday at the rate of 58,000 per year and placed into the unsupervised care and contact of abusers. Does Ms. Archer want to be responsible for one of those 58,000 abused children?

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Bikers United Against Child Abuse said...

John Aster is convicted of downloading well over 15,000 images of naked dead and alive children. He is as sick as they come, had to deal with that pedo as he cracked a deal and is allowed to use our webspace.