October 3, 2011

Are YOU ready to rumble?

Okay so we start with the expose. Whortie and Petunia are steamin' mad now. So here we go on to the games, no holds barred. Our first job is to expose some "victim blamers." You see we have run across a photo from a protest about sexual assault and the comments beneath the photo show many still have the mentality of blaming the victim. She was wearing skimpy clothes. She was drunk. She was coming onto the perpetrator. These and so many more excuses are given to the rapist. There were even comments about the brevity of the crime. For shizzel sake, the victim should not have been assaulted!!! Anyway now onto the BLAMER WALL OF SHAME:

Tony Mortika Lacrosse Medley (Mortika Lacrosse)

Derek Trunk

Cindy Richards

Dustin Lester

Patrick Delar

James Robert Crumpacker Harbour

Christina Chavez

Screen shots to follow.

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