April 21, 2011

que SERA SERA - YO Eddie BOY!!!!

Ed Sera is now friends with Damrow SnakeOil (or is he Damrow SnakeOil?)

Hmmm now Ed Sera is speaking to the grandchild of Judge Knoblock through Facebook (talk about your far reaches?) And then one of his own family wants to know what the "scandal" is and how does he respond? Just like any good ol' boy would. This man likes this school's sports teams so of course that means he is a good guy (rolls eyes!).

Now we have someone who wants Trump to be President of the US and what is the reasoning Eddie BOY uses that this would be a good choice? Oh we can all gamble for free.

This one is even better. He incites violence against a professional in a ball game - the ump should be neutered? Hmmmmm those things that make you go hmmmmm.

Now he uses more of that "good ol' boy" mentality in order to get someone to sway over to his side (oh Dennis how are you - how long has it been blah blah blah)

Now I am reminded of the first sound you hear on this clip when I read Eddie BOY's posts on Facebook. wah wah wah wah ;-)

If anyone has anything more to share please contact Petunia on Facebook. Any male person (I will not dignify Eddie BOY by calling him a man because he is far from that) who would attempt to condone even a chance that a child could be hurt, is not worthy to be listed anywhere except in Petunia's house of horrors.

So Eddie BOY welcome to my lair. You ready to play now?

And just a slight clarification. You are nowhere close to my actual location. You see I am everywhere. I exist in the hearts and minds of all the mothers and children abused by this unfair and patently corrupt system that believes any father is better than no father. The system that believes single mothers are a scourge on society. You see single mothers are usually a good thing. This is a mother who is willing to fight for what is right. Unlike you, Eddie BOY.

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