April 21, 2011

Damrow SnakeOil (aka Ed Sera?)

Ahh folks now Petunia is ready for some fun. It appears Eddie BOY is concerned about little ol' me. He even wants to know where I live LMAO. Well if you have followed this blog and saw my last post about the Damrows and their son (and yes Kurt is that child's father - he has supported Kim and that child for years now) you will know that Eddie BOY has gone on the attack. Well guess what Eddie BOY? Petunia is on the case. And don't think "hiding" your wall from me will keep me from seeing your bullshit games. I have said it once and again and again - we are many we are everywhere. We will not SHUT UP, GIVE UP, or GO AWAY!

My comment to Eddie BOY on previous post:

Ah now now I see Eddie BOY has come to Petunia's lair. Welcome welcome Eddie BOY. Now I must ask why you have hidden your facebook profile to me? Whatever do you have to hide? Ehhh no matter... I have plenty of ways to get my information. Just ask Ms Stodfart ooops Stoddard. I got tons on her little hating self. And tons more waiting in the wings just so you know Stodfart.

So I take it this means you are ready to go head to head with me Eddie BOY? You sure you are up for this? Well come on then.....

One SCREEN SHOT (Yes Eddie BOY I can still get these) showing porr ol' Eddie BOY's concern for Petunia:

Now Eddie BOY.....You ready for me?

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